History of Baryonyx Corporation

The Company was incorporated in May 2009 and Management consists of the former senior management team of Eclipse Energy PLC and members of the senior management of Independent Data Services.

Prior to founding Baryonyx, Ian Hatton (CEO) had previously founded Eclipse Energy in 1999 to construct a combined offshore wind and natural gas power facility in the UK. An award of an offshore lease was made for the development of a 150MW offshore windfarm as well as two exploration licenses for nearby gas fields. A lengthy feasibility study, engineering design phase and numerous environmental permitting reviews were undertaken. Full project consent for Eclipse’s Ormonde project was received in early 2008 with component procurement commencing shortly thereafter.

During the process of seeking capital partners to provide construction equity for the project, an offer was received for the entire share capital of the business from the Swedish state-owned energy company Vattenfall. Given the excellent capital growth realisable by the shareholders, the decision was taken to accept the offer and the sale of Eclipse was completed in November 2008, generating significant investor returns.

Following the integration of the Eclipse business into the Vattenfall organisation, the senior management of Eclipse took the decision to pursue the opportunities available in the United States.Since then a dynamic team of experienced individuals have come together to grow the Company with an established history of collaboration and successful project delivery. Amongst their skill sets are years of experience within the upstream energy industry, geology, offshore construction, data management, data center development, environmental management, project management and financing.