Ian Hatton BSc(Hons)

Director and Chief Executive Officer

exec-IHattonIan Hatton received his B.Sc. (Honors) degree in Geology from the Polytechnic of North London and commenced his career with Phillips Petroleum Company in 1979. He has thirty years experience in the upstream energy sector of which twenty years were in the oil exploration and production sector. and ten years in the renewable energy sector.

At Phillips Petroleum he developed an expertise in evaluation of Cretaceous Chalk oil and gas reservoirs, developing an innovative and successful appraisal model for the UK’s Joanne Field taking it from sub-economic to commercial status. In 1984 he joined Kerr-McGee Oil, ultimately being appointed to the position of UK Director of Exploration. In 1996 he received an award from Kerr-McGee for “leadership in environmental excellence” in connection with managing environmental preparatory work for the drilling of an exploration well in an environmentally sensitive offshore area.

His experience in the oil and gas industry led him to realize that regardless of the scientific debate about climate change, the growing disparity between energy demand and supply would lead to increasing energy costs and a need to develop alternative sources of energy production.

On leaving Kerr-McGee in February 1999, Ian founded the highly innovative company Eclipse Energy, and took plans to the UK government for a ground-breaking co-development of electricity generation from both offshore wind and gas turbines utilizing economically stranded sub-surface gas reserves. In 2008 Eclipse received the necessary environmental consents for the construction of the Ormonde Project, also notable as the first UK full-scale commercial project to deploy 5MW wind turbines.

Following the acquisition of Eclipse by Vattenfall, the Swedish State energy utility in October 2008 and transfer of management responsibilities, Ian left Eclipse at the end of April 2009.